Kimtronics Supplier Terms and Conditions

1. Supplier is to provide Kimtronics a certificate of conformity, test reports or authorized release certificate to demonstrate the conformity of products and services.

2. The supplier is required to retain all above quality records: certificates of conformity, test reports or authorized release certificates to demonstrate the conformity of products and services, for a period of 10 years minimum.

3. Supplier shall identify and manage the risk associated with the external provision of processes, products and services through the application of appropriate controls to their external providers to ensure that order requirements and conformity are met.

4. Supplier to have appropriate and established control processes to detect and prevent the release of suspect, unapproved and/or counterfeit parts, including the quarantine and reporting to Kimtronics and the competent ISO authority.

5. Supplier is to notify Kimtronics of applicable organizational nonconformities or changes to processes, products or services, including external providers or manufacturer’s location, that affect order requirements and the subsequent right of access to inspect by Kimtronics, our customer and/or regulatory authorities to the applicable areas and documented information at any level of the supply chain.

6. The supplier will flowdown applicable requirements, including customer requirements.

7. The supplier will ensure that all persons in their facility are aware of:

  • their contribution to product and service conformity;
  • their contribution to product safety;
  • the importance of ethical behavior.